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Monthly Beauty Box Subscriptions For Women

Our monthly makeup box is a beauty box subscription designed and packaged specifically for women. This is valued at up to $180, but you can sign up today for just $24.99! You’ll get your favorite essentials from the top vegan, cruelty free brands. We highlight some of the best indie-brands on the market, helping you find your new favorite manufacturer.

What Is A Makeup Subscription Box?

A makeup subscription box is a recurring monthly package sent straight to your door automatically. These boxes contain an assortment of cosmetics, typically highlighting certain brands, new arrivals, etc. We’ll explain exactly what you can expect to see in these packages below but on average, you’ll receive 5-7 different beauty products.

What Types Of Products Are Included In A Monthly Makeup Box?

The great thing about these boxes is you get so many different types of products. Over time, you’ll find that you have a beauty product in every category, for every occasion! You’ll get makeup & skincare products from the top brands and exciting, emerging contenders alike. From eyeshadow pallets to fragrances, detox masks to mascara, and everything in between. We try and stick primarily to cruelty-free manufacturers, and put a spotlight on the top indie brands, too. With just a few months of this monthly makeup box subscription, you’ll find that you have all the products you could ever need! But, is it really worth the cost?

Are Beauty Box Subscriptions Worth The Cost?

Some people are hesitant to sign up for our beauty box subscriptions, questioning if the cost is worth it or not. We understand why you may be hesitant to spend money on what is essentially a “mystery pack”. In terms of pure value, these beauty box subscriptions are really a no brainer. Valued as high as $180, you get the box for just under $25 - so yes, these truly are worth it! Plus, you’ll quickly realize that we’re putting some of your new favorite products in front of you - products you would have otherwise never tried. There is a reason so many people remain loyal subscribers to our monthly makeup box. Amazing products at a low cost, delivered to your door every month - what more could you ask for? Plus, here at Fashionsta - you can save even more money by purchasing a longer term subscription - ranging from 3, 6, and 12 months.

Which Monthly Beauty Box Is Best?

Without a doubt, Fashionsta is the #1 monthly beauty box online. We pack more value into your subscription than any of the competitors, so you get more products for less. Plus, as you are now aware - our monthly beauty box showcases products you can feel good about putting on your body - cruelty free & independent. Ask any woman who receives our makeup subscription box and they’ll tell you themselves - it’s their favorite subscription!  Voted #6 by readers choice for 2021, you are making a great choice.