How To Trim Eyebrows For Men

Wondering how men should trim their bushy eyebrows, or whether they even should whip out the scissors or clippers in the first place?

Today, we're going to take a deep dive into the world of men's grooming - specifically looking at eyebrow grooming.

We'll cover how often you should trim your eyebrows, along with the best way to go about it - to prevent any botch jobs from keeping you inside with the shades shut for a few weeks!

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this discussion, let's discuss the age-old question - should guys go all-natural, or opt for hair removal?

Should Guys Get Eyebrows Done?

Maybe you're under the impression that men should leave the eyebrow grooming to the women. Your brows aren't that bushy, why waste your time?

The reality is that everyone - man or woman - can benefit from a bit of upkeep on the eyebrow hairs from time to time!

Men's eyebrows naturally grow bushier than women do, it's in our DNA. Thus, you're going to have stray hairs all over the place, and sometimes - just downright out of control hair growth on the brow.

Whether they're ultra-bushy or you have a unibrow, there is something to be said for a man that takes care of himself.

Appearance is everything, so why not do the little things that will help you stand out amongst a sea of unkempt men?

Are Trimming Your Eyebrows The Same Thing As Plucking Them?

We want to be very clear - when we discuss trimming brows, we're not talking about just plucking the occasional stray hair that doesn't fall into your brow line perfectly.

This is an entirely separate eyebrow grooming task - but it's perhaps even more important than straight-up trimming. If you have hairs between your brows, we recommend plucking them rather than trimming them.

This will essentially kick the can further down the road before you have to pluck again compared to trimming, which will result in quicker hair regrowth.

When you trim, you're just nicking off the hair. When you pluck, you're completely removing it, forcing a new hair to grow from scratch.

With all this said - we will dedicate a section to plucking your eyebrows properly later on because it is really important and can be done at the same time as trimming.

Are Bushy Eyebrows Attractive On Guys?

That's not to say bushy eyebrows are unattractive - you're just fine the way you are, and all-natural is not a bad route.

However, the reason you're probably here in the first place is you have some inkling that your brows have gotten out of control.

If you have bushy eyebrows, you can reign things in a bit with an occasional trim, without having to turn in your man-card. But if you prefer the bushy, mountain-man look - more power to you!

We always prefer a well-groomed individual though, so let's discuss how frequently you should trim your eyebrows.

How Often Should A Man Trim His Eyebrows?

If you're hesitant to start trimming your eyebrow hair because it's just another chore to add to your list of hygiene tasks, you'll be glad to know you only need to trim your eyebrows occasionally.

Of course, this will vary from person to person - how quickly does your eyebrow hair grow back? This is the biggest determinant in how often you should trim your brows.

Most men can get by just trimming their brows once every 2 weeks or so - sometimes even longer. Just continue looking in the mirror and if you're unsatisfied with the length and volume of your eyebrows, then it's time for a trim!

What Is The Best Way To Trim Eyebrows From Home?

If you've ever had your eyebrows done at your barber, they've likely used a comb and scissors to take some of the length and volume off your brows.

But, this is actually not the right way to go about eyebrow grooming! This is just one of the many mistakes we see men who trim their eyebrows make.

So, now we're going to break down the dos and don'ts of eyebrow trimming for men. Let's start with the necessary supplies you'll need to get the job done right.

Prepare Your Supplies

You can try and get by with just the scissors in your kitchen or office and the comb you typically use for your hair, but if you want the best outcome, you'll need to use the best products.

We recommend an ultra-fine comb - ideally, a mustache or beard comb. This type of comb will be perfect for your brows.

Then, you'll need small grooming scissors. These are perfect for precision grooming - the type of precision you'll need with sharp objects around your eyes!

These are really the only two products you need - with them, you'll be well equipped to get your brows groomed the way they should be.

Now - let's take a look at the specific steps needed to effectively trim your brows without butchering your appearance, and making it obvious you trimmed your brows.

Study Your Face & Come Up With A Game plan

Before you get to snipping any stray hairs or trimming along your eyebrow line, determine what your goal is. If you don't have one - it should be to clean things up without anyone noticing you trimmed your eyebrows.

If it's obvious you took a pair of scissors to your eyebrows - you went too far. You want to be subtle unless of course, your goal is to change the entire shape of your brows - but that's a separate discussion for another day.

How To Actually Trim Your Eyebrows Without Overdoing It

Now comes the fun part - actually trimming your eyebrows. Start by combing upwards along with your eyebrows, so that the long hairs are sticking through the comb.

This will help you identify just how long your hairs are. Then, take your tiny scissors and snip any hairs that are sticking through the comb. With the comb protecting the short hairs, you won't have to worry about creating any bald spots or botching them!

The end result of this will be almost indistinguishable to anyone who didn't know you trimmed your brows - that's our goal, remember?

A neater, tidier brow line without a different eyebrow shape.

Follow Up By Plucking Stray Eyebrow Hairs Above, Below, & Between

After you've trimmed up your brow line, you can then grab your tweezers and get to work removing stray eyebrow hairs above, below, and between your eyebrow line.

This is an art - and definitely can take some time. Your goal here should be creating perfect eyebrow lines where you don't have any stragglers that don't fall into your eyebrow line.

We recommend plucking because this will buy you the most time before you need to pluck again. If you try and use a razor to get the middle of your brow line (your unibrow), you'll end up potentially shaving your eyebrows - which alters the shape.

You also will encourage rapid hair regrowth by shaving instead of plucking, and you'll still see stubble. That's why razors are not the tool of choice for your eyebrows.

Final Thoughts On How Men Should Trim Their Eyebrows

Now, you are well versed in the world of men's eyebrows grooming - you can gather your fine-toothed comb and grooming scissors, and get to work perfecting your eyebrows or the man in your life's brows!

Just remember to execute the grooming job with precision, as your eyebrow hair isn't going to grow back super fast - any mistakes you make will be a part of your appearance for weeks to months!

Go slow, identify your plan before snipping, and follow the steps above - you'll come out looking well-groomed every time. For all your men's grooming needs check out Fashionsta's men's product line.