Top 6 Eyeliner Hacks the Every Makeup Lover Should Know

Everyone’s first attempt at using eyeliner isn’t always perfect. Most of the time, one side ends up looking better than the other one. You could have a perfectly even line on one eye and a heavy-set one on the other. Perhaps you’ve even gone through the ordeal of making your wing too excessive. No matter how you usually fare with your eyeliner, it is best to get tips from experienced makeup gurus in real life or online.

There are numerous ways to slowly but surely learn how to have a stable hand when you’re putting on eyeliner. With some time and effort, you will eventually master the skill of drawing the perfect wing. However, you need to remember that you need to be patient with learning eyeliner tricks since it could take you some time to nail it.

If you’re searching for tips on how to perfect your eyeliner game, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re having trouble making both of your wings even or stabilizing your hand, we have you covered. Some of the best eyeliner hacks that you can follow include:

1. Correct Shaky Hands By Doing Dashes

If you refer to the makeup videos you’ve watched, you will notice that most gurus nail their eyeliner in just one or two strokes. If you have a shaky hand, however, it’s incredibly different to draw an even line in one go. The best solution to this problem is by mastering dashes using a drawing and lifting motion. Start from one end to the other. Once you’re done, fill in the gaps as if you’re connecting the dots.

2. Curl Your Toes to Make the Application Precise

This could sound a bit strange to some, but it is a highly effective strategy. When your hands get shaky during your eyeliner application, gently clench your toes. It will surely help stabilize your trembling hand, allowing you to create a precise line.

3. Start With the Flick

Start drawing the flick first if you’re having difficulty creating an even wing for both of your eyes. Simply draw a small line at a 45-degree angle on the outer corner of your eye. Next, draw a line across your lid, connecting it to the wing. In just two simple steps, you’ve got yourself a perfect wing.

4. Prepare Pointed Cotton Swabs

Make sure that you have micellar water and pointed cotton swabs at hand to make your clean-up precise. You should also use products that will last longer and not give you raccoon eyes after a couple of hours. Use a Kajal or Kohl eye pencil that is designed for the waterline since these will last long. For the eyeliner itself, seal it by applying eyeshadow with the same shade on top.

5. For Downturned Eyes, Stop at the Outer Corner

If you have downturned eyes, do not draw a line across your upper lid all the way to the outer corner of your eye. Your liner should end just a millimeter past your outer corner.

6. For Hooded Eyes, Aim for Thin Lines

If you have hooded or deep-set eyes, a thin eyeliner will look best on you. Make sure that the line is drawn as close to the roots of your lashes or the waterline as possible. You want to avoid going for thick lines since they could make your eyes look smaller or sunken.


Every makeup enthusiast needs to know the proper techniques to hone and perfect their makeup skills as time goes by. Using these eyeliner hacks that we have shared, you can easily achieve a flawless and captivating eye makeup look. You can make your look possible by using the best eyeliners and makeup in the market today. To get some, why not consider purchasing a beauty box?

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