Skincare for Men - The Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal

For a long time, men’s skincare was primarily made up of three in one, five in one, and other combo-type products. Men’s skincare has only recently experienced an evolution. It is finally moving beyond basic grooming. The male beauty industry is ultimately providing more options and other helpful products that are made for men.

That said, most men today are still in that stage of establishing their skincare routine. It might help you to know that no skincare routine stays the same. After a couple of years, whether it’s because of age, location, or other circumstances, your skin will need a new regimen to stay nice and healthy.

If you’ve spent any time at all researching the topic online, you’ve probably come across terms like a charcoal mask, activated charcoal, and the like. While it’s true that the beauty and skincare industry as a whole tends to run with buzzwords a little too hard, this one is more than just a trend.

What Exactly Is Activated Charcoal?

You’re probably wondering what activated charcoal is—and, no, it’s not the kind used at barbecues. Don’t worry; many people thought the same thing when it first came onto the scene.  

Essentially, activated charcoal is just the residual powder you get from burning elements like coal, coconut shells, and more at high temperatures. These materials or ingredients that are burned at high temperatures go through a change in their molecular structure.

It becomes more porous with high adsorption—not absorption. Adsorption refers to individual molecules, atoms, or ions gathering on surfaces. This means that a substance will be able to adhere to another substance well. This is why it’s very effective for your skin’s detoxification and purification.

The Power of Activated Charcoal

The best men’s skincare products should contain activated charcoal. If you are looking for effective and suitable facemasks, you should look out for products that contain this ingredient. As mentioned above, the main thing that makes it quite effective for cleaning your skin is its high adsorption.

In general, men’s skin tends to be thicker and a little rougher. This means that you might need more potent products to achieve the skin clarity you are looking for. Activated charcoal has been in use for years. While it may not have always been a common skincare ingredient, it’s always been present in treatments for overdoses and poisoning.

Why Men Should Need it

Men’s skin is different from women’s skin. Although there are exceptions, for the most part, men have thicker and rougher skin, as mentioned above. This is why you require a more effective facemask to help soothe, cleanse, and nourish your skin. If activated charcoal’s adsorption capacity is good enough to treat medical situations, you can bet it can be good for your skin.

Benefits of a Charcoal Face Mask

  • Instant Brightening
    The dirt, dust, and other impurities on your skin can cause marks, pimples, unwanted darkness, and shadows on your face. When people say there’s dirt on your skin, it can be pretty literal. The charcoal mask clings perfectly to the skin to get rid of all of that. This provides your skin with a near-instant brightness after one use.

  • Exceptional Exfoliator
    When it comes to exfoliating, no one is exempt. Both men and women need effective products to remove dead skin cells. Charcoal masks have a slightly rough texture that adds another exfoliating factor on top of their adsorption.

  • Prevent Oily Skin
    No one wants oily skin. It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient for any gender. Charcoal masks are perfect for helping with preventing oily skin. It balances the skin’s oily secretions and enables you to get through the day without feeling all greasy.

Final Thoughts

Men’s skincare has finally gone beyond basic grooming. As new products and trends arise, make sure to keep an eye out for what’s actually good and healthy for your skin.

Men are just as likely to encounter the same skin problems that women do, so it’s important that you protect your skin. Using masks that contain activated charcoal is just one of the many things you can do to keep your skin clean and healthy!

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