4 Fantastic Makeup Tips to Fly Under the Radar

Sometimes you want to look your best but not have all eyes on you - these tips will help you get through the day looking great but not the center of attention. It’s time to dig through your makeup box. 

Match Your Skin Tone

When you’re thinking of plain makeup, remember that a no-makeup-makeup look is the best. You would want to look fresh and ready for the day and not for the club or theatre production. 

In this sense, if you have a paler skin tone, you may want to avoid using a heavy magenta blush. You may opt for a soft shade of pink or light coral. At the same time, you must make sure to blend everything well to avoid distracting the interviewer.

Although red lipstick looks fantastic on people with dark skin colors, you may want to use more subdued colors than bright red. You can try light browns and taupe instead.

Beware of Your Blush

When flustered or under stress, some people are prone to deep flushing. If you’re one of them, you may want to be light-handed on your blush-on product or forego it for a sheer bronzer or highlighter.

Some makeup gurus suggest using a slightly green-tinted primer for those who can’t help blushing intensely, especially under pressure. The green in your makeup base won’t be noticeable, but it can counteract the redness on your cheeks when you blush.

You may also want to pack your mineral powder for quick touch-ups. Dust a bit of lightweight mineral powder on your face with a large brush, and that should take care of the redness and the nervous sheen.

Forget the False Lashes and Clumpy Mascara

False eyelashes and thick coats of mascara can help your eyes appear bigger and more dramatic. However, that’s not the look you want to present if you're having a low key day.

Regardless of how experienced you are with putting on false lashes, you can never know when they will decide to make a break for it during your walk. Save yourself from the horrors of a fallen falsie and opt for a coat or two of black, waterproof mascara.

Go for a Soft and Natural Look

Makeup can be a person’s form of artistic expression. That's why some of the best beauty subscription boxes provide an array of palettes—some with bold color choices and others with more neutral ones. If you’re a fan of the neons and the shimmery colors, you might want to tone it down a bit and go for the more natural and softer look.

You don’t have to change your makeup style completely; you have to subdue them a bit. If you’re used to a strong cat eye, you may want to use an eyeliner pencil and stop at the end of your eye instead of a liquid liner that extends farther than the edge.


When putting together a makeup look for a mellow day remember to keep it soft and natural. Choose shades that suit your skin tone, use makeup techniques that would make you look fresh and professional, and create looks that would highlight your personality and not bury it in too much makeup.

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