6 Reasons You Need a Matte Lipstick in Your Beauty Kit

Your makeup kit needs to have everything you need to feel empowered in every situation. Of course, this means having the right products to achieve the looks you want to create. Any person’s makeup box needs to have a few matte lipsticks in there.

Even if you’re a gloss-and-shine type of person, it won’t hurt to have matte in the mix because of the impressive benefits that come with it.

Smudging Is Not a Concern

One of the most troublesome aspects to deal with when wearing lipstick is smudging. It can be messy and embarrassing when your lipstick starts to go out of bounds from your actual lips. You have more freedom to speak easily, drink, and eat without having to constantly check if your lips have smudged.

It’s Easy to Match Naturally

The nature of matte lipsticks makes them more versatile for different kinds of looks. You can go full glam or go for a natural makeup look, and a matte lipstick won’t feel out of place. Whether you use muted neutrals or bold pops of color, your lips will look just right and perfectly coated.

It’s Stick-Free

If you’ve ever gotten lipstick on your clothes, a drinking straw, your fork, or even someone else’s face after you greet them, you’ll know just how important a stick-free lipstick can be. It lets you wear your lipstick for any occasion without worrying about having to clean up residue everywhere. Plus, you won’t have to be concerned about staining any fabric with stray lipstick.

Your Face and Lips Can Be More Defined

There is a misconception that matte automatically equates to flat. The reality is that matte lipsticks can actually add a lot of dimension to your lips. In fact, they can even work as a great base that you can build on to really define your face. It also helps that matte can be much more forgiving than gloss when it comes to application.

It’s Heat-Proof

Yes, makeup can melt, and it’s a real bummer when it happens. It’s also not a good look when this happens on our faces. The great thing about matte lipsticks is that they last longer and won’t fall victim to perspiration and heat from the sun. Not only will they stay on, but they will also likely feel lighter than a gloss would.

It Works Even With a Minimal Look

If you’re just going for an everyday beat, a matte lipstick will work perfectly. You’ll even find that it works even if you’re just wearing a matte lip and some eyeliner. This saves you the need to go for a full face if you just want to add a little bit more depth or color to your lip. If you’re using the right tone, you can even get away with just the lip and no other makeup.


So, if you’re looking to get a beauty box together, make sure it’s got at least a couple of matte lipsticks in there. You’ll want to stock up on them once you realize the power of matte. The best part is that they can happily coexist with your glossy lipsticks to give you an extensive range of looks to pick from.

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